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Assignment #2

Posted in Digital Art & Design by flyeff0rtlessly on September 2, 2009

How does digital art/ new media relate to or impact different aspects of our western culture?

Digital art impacts every facet of art from photography to advertisement. In photography, digital art can totally change what your audience is viewing. In Charles Cohen’s photographs he whites out the human figure in each photo and lets the viewer’s mind recreate what should be there. Also, in Alexander Apostol’s photographs, he removes the windows and doors of the buildings to create a different landscape. Digital art also effects our daily lives by shaping many of the ways we communicate. The internet in today’s world really shapes our social networking with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many many more. Digital art is changing everyday, and the tools used to create it are literally expanding by the minute. Digital art is accessible to anyone around the world who has internet, which is main factor as to why it has grown so quickly. On the internet, with the click of a button you can view galleries, videos pictures.

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