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Assignment 4, Ad Analysis

Posted in Digital Art & Design by flyeff0rtlessly on September 8, 2009

What makes an ad successful is its appeal to the demographic of customers they are trying to reach. I chose this cigar ad by Davidoff. I came across a few of Davidoff’s ads and they all had the same tag line, “Every man has a D-Spot.” and the focal point is an image of a man seemingly in ecstasy from the smoke of the cigar floating up into their nostrils. The organic lines of the smoke floating around the ad draws your eye from the bottom of the page where the cigar lies, up to the man’s nose then up to the top of the page. The color scheme is very simple, just a back background with the man’s face highly lit, it seems to signify just a simple form of happiness. The size of the large face and large amounts of smoke guarantee that the viewer’s eye will not be focused on anything else.

The use of their tagline, “Every man has a D-Spot,” is their play on words comparing Davidoff Cigars to a woman’s G-Spot. This ad is extremely smart and effective.

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