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Project #2 Gestalt Pics

Posted in Digital Art & Design by flyeff0rtlessly on October 22, 2009

So… this is my Project #2 for Digital Art. We had to make a series of Gestalt Bling themed pictures. I titled my series “Hot Boyz Presidents,” because I chose pictures of six popular US Presidents and paired them with lyrics from the Hot Boyz song “Bling Bling,” which was the first hip hop song to incorporate the word and really made “bling” a huge pop culture phenom. I also thought it is funny because in hip hop many rappers call cash, presidents. I had a bunch of technical difficulties (couldn’t save to my flash drive, and the stupid scanner at school is retarded), so I just took pics of my pics with my phone, so it’s not the best quality. I also took a pic of our class display in the hallway…

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